Ambassadors of Light

Take a chance on starting a conversation with a stranger... Who knows what they may be thinking. Just because they appear to be ‘just like everyone else’ there is the distinct possibility they may be of the same mind set as you or at the least be open to hearing what you have to say. No one comes into our lives by coincidence. Everyone we meet is there for a reason. Go ahead and take the chance. Do not be shy. Skip the small talk. Go right to the essence of things. Smile from your heart!... and... Ask them... How are you feeling today? What is on your heart? What are your deepest feelings & thoughts? Even if they don’t respond and look at you as if you are from another planet, do not take it personal. Keep your inner light shining. Just stay in your truth and realize you’ve accomplished an important mission. You’ve planted a seed and a possibility of someone seeing their world in a different, new and positive light. And some day, sooner or later, that seed will sprout and grow... and spread. These beings will wake up to a new reality... and the light inside, the long lost happiness will awaken and shine... From the Inside Out.


The Ancient Celtic Setlement near Deidesheim, Gemany

The Silence in Nature ( Go for it !) by Monika I would like to share a personal experience I had these days, and maybe lately you find yourself in the same space. Trying to get something done on my Computer, feeling unfocused, not able to concentrate, overwhelmed with information, less than everybody else, in short: I was sucked into a real deep rabbit whole of spiraling downward thinking processes. Then I knew there would be only one way out of it and that was getting out into Nature to reconnect with that which is real and essential. I followed that call and was mesmerized right away by the white beauty of frozen branches, the crisp air filling my lungs with life and freshness. I began to breathe deeper, my mind calmed down and I completely became one with the present moment. I became aware how Mother Nature is in a deep sleeping and relaxing mode, recovering, rejuvenating and how we humans still run around, being busy and productive at all costs and completely out of harmony with the rhythms of Nature. My heart opened wide to everything that was going on in my life, feeling a deep acceptance and quietness filled my entire being. I started to listen with my inner ears. I soaked in the Silence and walked the paths in deep gratitude, knowing that everything was just like it was supposed to be.

We need to connect with Mother Nature on a regular basis. If we loose our connection to the Earth we are not going to survive as humanity, because we might have lost our love and respect for the Planet. We can see the results of this disconnect everywhere and it is about time to step back and deeply reflect on the path we are choosing to take in the future.

I came back from this walk nurtured and filled with new confidence, creativity and gratitude and I highly recommend this to everyone who likes to reconnect with their true Nature.

I heard lately that some doctors in Scotland start to prescribe a walk in Nature to their patients, what a wonderful world with healthy and vibrant people this will be…

So get your coat and hat on…what are you waiting for?

Mother Nature is waiting… patiently… Have a blessed day

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South Tyrol’s highest Waterfall… near Merano, Italy

Monika basking in the Pristine Natural Wilderness near Merano, Italy

Monika basking in the Pristine Natural Wilderness near Merano, Italy