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The moment you are in touch with your Breath, the Universe pours into you.” Yogi Bhajan

The moment you are in touch with your Breath, the Universe pours into you.” Yogi Bhajan

Ana Brett & Ravi Singh

Master Yogis Ana Brett & Ravi Singh present in this amazing book, authentic Kundalini Yoga in their much loved, cutting edge style: Fierce, fun and totally accessible. Ana and Ravi are known as the modern faces of Kundalini Yoga and have earned a large and loyal following through their Teacher Trainings, Workshops, DVD’s, and streaming media. They have traveled and taught from Brooklyn to Bangalore, Idaho to Istanbul and just about everywhere in between. Their inspired teachings have ignited many souls and sparked numerous vibrant Yoga communities.

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A Great Life

Life was never meant to be a struggle. We are here on this planet at this time to enjoy this human experience. Many of us have forgotten that lighthearted, playful innocence we embodied as children. The good news is… this essence lives yet in each and every one of us and… we can reclaim it if we truly wish to. Here in this short but sweet book, are tips, suggestions, and recommendations from life experiences which are easy to follow and adapt to your every day life. Make the leap! Take a chance! All your dreams can be realized! With a bit of determination and discipline, we can all be truly Happy and Free again. Just like we were as children. Go For It! Available for free as an E book:

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This little book offers guidance towards awakening what we already possess… that inner spark of ‘Intuitive Knowing’… which we have forgotten about. Here is a recipe for a way of life filled with vibrancy, abundance, contentment, and of course great health. You are given this opportunity now… to change your life for the better… forever! Why not let go of the old ways which are no longer nourishing you and choose a Vibrant, Liberated, and HappyLife… Available for free as an E book: