Monika Schneider Stone
Life Counseling
Coming from a place of direct life experience combined with the study of Yoga and Meditation, Monika became passionate about  helping people to free themselves from early childhood programming. Often this programming is based on a lack of deep self love and trust and so we run through our lives looking at the outside for the love and support we were missing.
We blame the outside for this lack and lose the connection to our own power... therefore separating ourselves from the very source that created us and feel alone and isolated from others.
Our personal freedom comes from Forgiveness , Gratitude and the Art of letting go of what no longer serves us.

Mindfulness practices such as Byron Katie’s “ The Work “, Ho’oponopono (Hawaiian Forgiveness technique) or “Heart Breathing” help us to reconnect with our core true inner self, get free from self destructive patterns and to move on with our lives with inner peace confidence and strength.

We love to support you on the path of Personal Transformation.

“We transform the world by transforming ourselves one person at a time.”